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With a difficult life, I searched and covered my own roads. I've travelled all over Europe, and even ended up in Siberia and Beijing.

I Write especially fantasy stuff which can be found on or on the site of the D&D world Mystara. read also this site where many ideas for Mystara sprout;…, not only from my mind but of many others.

I Draw my own art with different tools, I am also a poet, teacher and avid collector of weird books, stuff and knowledge. (Comicbooks, Smurfs, Science books, fossils, shells, biology research stuff, weird potion bottles, magic stuff, teddybears, and D&D stuff, recipies, overall knowledge).
As of 01-01-2017 I have 1 cats of 15 years of age, 4 goldfish of 0.8 years of age, and a 3.5year old white-ish bunny, which hopps on my grasscovered balcony and eats a lot ;) and a lot more animals in my history (Multiple Cats (35 in total), Dogs (4), Horses(2), Hedgehogs(11), Marter(1), Weazel(1), Ferret(1), Russian Dwarf Hamsters(4), Mice (400+) Rat(2), Guppies(100+), Red-neck tortoises(2), Raccoon(1), Mus(5+), Swan(1), Ducks(12+), Blackbird(3), Crow(4), Sparrow(2), Owl(1), Pigeon(20+), Bill)2), Carp(3), Bass(2),and a goldfish who just turned 29, etc.)
I also design Gagaesk shoes, clothing and other fantasy stuff for theater/film or Elffantasy fair or Castlefair in the Netherlands.
I also did some theatre with Adelheid Rosen and Ola Mafalaani in " Zina neemt de wijk" (dutch for Zina takes on the suburbs).
I've been the Devil in 5 years as a professional dancer, at House parties like Loveparade, Sensation, Mysteryland, etc. which was very fun to do.

For those interested; Yes these were my own nails. Through an accident I now have to rely upon plastic nails of 6inches long, as I can't function without.
Through corsetry I have trained my waist to be 58 cm circumference and intend to go smaller. (My great-great-great-great-great-grandmother of 1877 had a 15inch waistline at the age of 24 and that after 2 kids;) )
I walk daily several miles on my 6 inchheels, but as a catwalk trainer and dancer, I keep my feet flexible and healthy.


5000 pageviews...wauw.
never thought to reach that number
thanks all
Skin hunger

like food or water deprivation something severely serious.

What is it?
Skinhunger is deprivation of Physical human touch.
It is in fact the severe lack of Oxytocine and Endorfins.
The result is depression, loss of self-asteem and self-value, fear (especially touch based fear), great negative influence on Immune system, digestion and metabolic processes.

There is no supplement to replace this loss.
Social, cultural and religious behavioral borders restrict the need of Physical touch.
A regular well meant and accepted dose would however  even prevent many divorces, heal diseases faster, enabling a more efficient life and work, and an overall feeling of appreciation and self value.

Then why don't we touch much more than we do now?

Throw away those social, cultural and religious behavioral borders that restrict us, and follow just the borders of the other and then those of yourself in what, how and how long you may touch which part of the body of the other..!!
In Memorian

Rest in Piece Silver
15;13 10 may 2003-to  17-februari 2016 10;15
You now reside with your family 
Buried under the setting sun the same day
Your mommy Bliksem, father Tommy and sister Steel and I will miss you.

Rest in Piece Bliksem
about 18;00 05-april-2001 to 17 march 2016 21;36
You finally gave up the loss of all family you had
You will be buried with them, the 18th.
Your son Tommy and daughter Steel and I will miss you.

Rest in Piece...Steel
16;10 10 may 2003-to about 10:00 01-Januari 2017
you now reside with your family 
buried under the setting sun the same day
with your mommy, sister and And aunties Pipi and Duveltje.
Tommie your father and i will miss you.
Rest in Piece my beloved Cats..

Pixy the goldfish Died. Living from begin may 1987 till astounding 29 years. Rest in piece.  Buried in the Park today.
Words spoken unheard, not understood.
Deeds and promises broken by wishes not good.
Nightmares becoming reality,
When closed doors are destiny.
Waves of water wasted,
Anguish, sorrow tasted.
A sharkbite in water bile,
Honesty and Fidelity so vile.
Death and Despair...
Seeming to lurk everywhere.

Yet  somewhere the sun must shine,
Somewhere far away above the timeless sees of Brine...
Even for me, even for you..
There is a future too...

I Wrote this 15-December 2009, when I was still homeless and fighting for a house.
The words describe my feelings, of fighting between lies, backstabbing, losing friends, political issues, bureaucracy
As an optimist I felt that being optimistic was the only way to continue....
I succeeded --28-April 2012 I got my current home.
So I did indeed find  the Sun...;)


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